The following will be the prices for Abunai! 2018:

Day(s) Price Doorprice
Friday € 23,- € 33,-
Saturday € 37,- € 47,-
Sunday € 24,- € 34,-
Friday+ Saturday € 51,- € 61,-
Saturday + Sunday € 52,- € 62,-
Friday + Sunday € 38,- € 48,-
Friday, Saturday, Sunday (All Weekend) € 55,- € 65,-

The door price will start two weeks before the convention and will result in an additional fee of € 10,- which will be charged to a new order.


This year we offer a buffet on Abunai. This buffet costs € 20.00. For those who prefer cheaper options for food, there are several restaurants available in the Koningshof NH where you can get more budget options.


Hotel Room Reservations will be handled by NH Koningshof this year. You can find more information on how to place a hotel room reservation on our NH Koningshof hotel rooms information page. NH Koningshof will use a fixed price for Abunai! visitors, which have been determined as follows:
Room Type Price per night, if you stay one night (ex. city tax) Price per night, if you stay two nights (ex. city tax)
Single Room € 109 € 89
Single Room, Superior € 134 € 115
Double Room € 120,50 € 105
Double Room, Superior € 135,50 € 130
Twin Room € 120,50 € 105
Twin Room, Superior € 135,50 € 130

Payment term

Orders for Abunai tickets have to be paid within two weeks from ordering. Orders that are not paid in time will be cancelled, though as long as there is still availability it is always possible to make an order again at that point.

Payment methods

You can purchase tickets for the Abunai! Convention as well as additional items such as dinner vouchers and hotel rooms through our own Registration System. Currently our system supports the following means of payment:


Abunai! supports payment using iDeal for Dutch visitors. After completing your registration you'll be prompted whether you want to pay through iDeal. This means however you'll pay your full registration upon check-out. If this is not what you want or not within your financial abilities, we suggest paying through bank transfer.

Bank Transfer

After registration you will receive an e-mail with the details of your registration and a Payment Number. You will need to transfer the required amount to the bank account included in this mail. This can be done through online banking (internetbankieren) or by contacting your local bank. The Payment Number needs to be included in the description of your payment. This option will be available until two weeks before the convention, as we can't guarantee a timely processing of payments received after this date.

Pay upon check-in

This option will only be available for registrations made in the last two weeks before Abunai!. You will receive a confirmation mail with your reservation details and the payment required. You will need to pay this amount upon check-in. You can pay in cash, however we will also have at least one portable ATM device (mobiele Pinapparaat) available for payments. All unpaid reservations will need to be paid upon check-in.