How to order a ticket

Step 1: Creating an account

Once you clicked the “order tickets” button on the website you will see the logon screen. If you already created an account validated your mail AND created a user, please proceed to step 3. Otherwise proceed with step 1.

Once you see the log-in screen of the webshop, please click “sign up” (highlighted in red).

Once you clicked that option, a new screen will appear.

In this screen, please enter your email address and a password in the second field. In the third field confirm your password. Click on “Sign up” to continue. You will be requested to validate your email in the following screen (see below)

You will receive an email with a validation code. You can open a new tab and go to your email to copy the code.

The validation code is randomly generated for each email address. It looks like this:

Copy this validation code and fill it in the screen you see above, then click validate. After that you will be requested to log in on the account. Click the option “Back to login page”. Please proceed to Step 2 Creating a new user.

Step 2: Creating a new user

When you’re logged in, you’re immediately prompted to create a new user. You will see a page that looks like this:

In this case, the “user” is you. There are a few things you need to pay attention on this page:

Once you filled out this form click “create user”. You will see the following screen:

You now successfully created a user for the webshop. You can now go buy a ticket for yourself! “But I also want to buy a ticket for a friend! How do I do that?” I hear you say. Well, before I show you how to buy a ticket, let’s show you how to set up a user for your friend. If you’re only buying a ticket for yourself, you can skip this section.

Step 2.1: Setting up extra users

Each ticket is bound to a person. Only that person can use that ticket. To make that happen you need to set up a “user” for that person. You can do that with the following steps:

Click on “Registrations” (yellow) and then click on “New visitor”. You’ll get the same screen as you got when you first logged in on the webshop. Fill out the information for the person that will be using this extra ticket. The same rules apply as step 2, but you can use your address information in this case. Then click “create user”. When you’re created users for everybody you want to buy a ticket for, you’re ready to buy some tickets.

Step 3: Buying a ticket

Allright! We’re going to get you a ticket. Well, you’re going to do it yourself, but you know what I mean. Here’s how it works.

There’s two situations here. A new user and an existing user. I’ll walk you through both.

Step 3.1: Buying a ticket with a new user

When you first created your user, you’ll see this screen:

Here you click “register”. You’ll get the order screen after that. Proceed to Step 3.3: creating your order.

Step 3.2: Buying a ticket with an existing user

When you already did steps 1 and 2, simply log in and do the following:

Proceed to Step 3.3 creating your order.

Step 3.3: Creating your order

After either step 3.1 or 3.2 you will see the following screen:

To start off your order you need to select the days you want to visit. Any combination of days is possible. If you want a full weekend ticket select all three days. The discount is processed automatically to your order.

The other set of options here is for Dinner at the restaurant. Same rules apply. Select it if you want it, otherwise you’re done on this screen.

Click the button “Continue to step 2”.

On this page you will find a few options. Both are entirely optional:

You can volunteer to help us out at the convention (Do it! It’s fun!) as either a gopher or a steward. You’ll be contacted by the support/steward manager if you do. (Seriously. It’s fun!)

Subscribing to Aniway
You want a sweet deal on a great magazine? 14,95 for four issues! That’s a steal for quality content!

You can either select or ignore these options. To continue, you have two options. If you are buying tickets for someone else, select the “Add another registration” option and you will be returned to the registrations screen. Select “Register” behind the name of the other person you want to buy a ticket for. The amount will be added to your total.

When you’re done creating your order or you only want to buy a ticket for yourself, select the “Continue to confirmation” button. The confirmation screen will appear as shown below.

Here you can select the links to the convention houserules and the terms and conditions. When you’ve read them, you can check the “Yes, I agree to…” box. When you want to sign up to the newsletter, select that checkbox. Click “Confirm”. Your order will only be completed when you agree to the rules and terms and conditions.

You will now be brought to the payment screen. Select either iDeal, Bancontact or Paypal and you will be brought to the successive screens as per usual with the selected payment method. When you completed your payment you will be brought back to the webshop. You will receive a confirmation that the payment is completed and your tickets will be sent to your mail.

A few things to remember

That’s it. You’ve now ordered your tickets and are ready to have fun at Abunai! See you there!